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Lifestyle Homes offer an effective marketing solution to find suitable, reliable Tenants who are keen to demonstrate that they will look after your property respectfully under the guidance of our Agency.

Our Agency fees are considered competitive.

Introduction Only: Finding a Tenant/s only: Our Fee will be half of the first months' rent plus VAT upon signing a successful Tenant/s.

For Example: A property rental of £600 per calendar month will incur an Agency fee of £300.00 plus VAT as a one-off 'Finders Fee' payment for services rendered.

This will include visiting your property to take measurements, marketing your property 'To Let' on with a full description and suitable photographs. A 'To Let' board is also erected at no additional charge if desired. Accompanied viewings on empty property is conducted at no charge. Upon find suitable Tenant/s our Agency will provide the Landlord/Tenant with an Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement.

Should you cancel the marketing of your property before a suitable Tenant is found then a fee of £100 plus VAT will apply for abortive costs for the following:

Board                      £00.00 plus VAT

Rightmove marketing  £50.00 plus VAT

Preparation of Details  £50.00 plus VAT


We offer a Free Valuation/Market Assessment of your rental property prior to commitment and this can be arranged by calling 0116 231 2121.

Full Management:


In addition to the above fees and/or charges:

Management Fee levied at 7.5% plus VAT for each month that the rent is collected.

This service provides the following:

Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement

Handover of keys upon occupation

Inventory / Photographic referencing

Meter readings

Quarterly inspections when possible

Access to trades for organizing efficient repairs/maintenance


Lifestyle Homes offer quality rental properties that are well presented and include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors commissioned by conscientious Landlords in line with current regulations.


To rent a property through Lifestyle Homes our Agency fees for a tenancy application ore as follows:

Individual Tenant: £200.00 Inclusive of VAT

Two Applicants:    £300.00 Inclusive of VAT


(In addition to the above fees £25.00 plus VAT) per guarantor. 

The above charges cover the following:

Taking of employment references

Taking of Previous Landlord/Estate Agency References

Enquirers to Credit Reference Agencies

Electoral Roll Checks

Identity checks/Proof of address


For further clarification please contact Lifestyle Homes on 0116 231 2121.

Thank You.

Lifestyle Homes

posted by Lyndon 24 December 2015

Sold in 24 Hours!

In a tough market it's essential that the seller and not just the agent gets good at marketing.  To increase your chances dramatically it will pay dividends to know your market well and the surrounding competition.

Knowledge is power ... and with more information at your fingertips you can approach the market with more vigour, enthusiasm and determination.

Just recently ... one property in particular was sold in a market like today but extra-ordinary - within 24 hours.  Could this be you? 

So ... where does one start?

Well ... presentation is key!

1. Curb Appeal.  Firstly, take a look at other properties in your street and compare them with yours.  If you are going to sell well you need to ensure that your property stands out for all the right reasons. That means freshly painted timbers including soffits & fascias, washed down PVCu front doors, guttering and fascias, mowed lawns and weed treated borders.  If you have hanging baskets or potted plants - replant if necessary, add a splash of vibrant colour to warm up the approach with a welcoming feel.

2. First Impressions - Over the threshold. Your prospective buyer has just entered your property. What do they see and how do they react?

Decluttering coats and shoes from reception halls really can help as the viewer/s will have more space to move freely.  Initial storage space becomes less of an issue.  Finding a home for the vacuum cleaner and ironing board is essential as expectations are high.  Remember meeting someone for the first time can be a little daunting to some so extending a warm welcome with a smile costs nothing and helps to get the viewing off to a good start.  Take a genuine interest in your visitor/s and usually the response will be mutual and the viewing gets off to a good start.

3. Zoning - Look at your property through a critical gaze. Do you currently use each room for it's intended purpose.  It's all too easy to move the goalposts by introducing furniture to a key room that was initially intended to be a temporary arrangement.  For example a computer desk in the corner of the lounge may add value to the owner of the property by creating a multi-funtional environment but to the potential buyer it's more often a turn off as te viewer is alerted to seek out alternative arrangements in the home for their treasured possessions.  Ultimately, for a sale to go really well ... a lounge should be a lounge, a study a study and a bedroom ... well, a bedroom!

4. Lifestyle - Introducing a few ideas on 'lifestyle' will help to enhance the viewing experience.  Use table lamps to full effect - turn them on to light up a corner, use combination scatter cushions and throws to sofas and bedroom furniture as required with subtle co-ordinating or contrasting themes and do remember to use air fresheners in different locations throughout the home.

5. Stimulation - Playing background music is usually a no-no ... but low volume easy listening music can be relaxing to both buyer and seller. Do ensue that TV's are turned off wherever possible as pictures can also be distracting.  Whilst on the subject of pictures - which can add topical conversation it can be all too easy to over do it especially with personal photographs.  As painful as it may seem to box away treasured memories - do try to keep these personal effects to a minimum - as you need to keep your viewers focused on them seeing themselves living in the home that you have enjoyed so far.

6. Safety - We all want to feel safe in our own homes and many prospective purchasers will be seeking re-asurance that they will be doing the right thing by moving into your home.  Some of the key indicators that buyers will be looking for are likely to be smoke alarms, RCD units, window locks, multi-lever mortice locks, exterior lighting, secured gated accesses and boundary fencing.  If any of the above are in situ and malfunctioning - you know what to do ... to create the best impression.

7. Justification - Soul Searching.  Moving Home.  It's one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will ever make - something not to be taken lightly.  Nevertheless, aspirational living to move to the next level will almost undoubtably ensue as our needs to expand our living space or downsize to something more manageable takes on anew meaning.

Justifying our needs, wants and desires can be and often is ... met with emotion.  Can I afford to do this?  Is it the right time?  Will the location be right for me and my family? Who will be my new neighbour/s?  These are just afew of the many questions that one may ask of themselves when making a decision of this magnitude.

So what can you do as a seller to help in the decision making process? 

A good indicator of the level of interest that a potential buyer has in your property is the need to ask questions about important relevant imformation. This is where you can shine ... by re-assuring your viewer/s about local amenities and shopping facilities, local schooling and if appropriate showing league tables and Ofstead reports - at the ready.

Keeping handy - utility bills and council tax bills, you will be able to demonstrate with certainty and visuallly what the running costs of your home are likely to be - giving more confidence and reason for your viewers to return and / or make an offer. 

8. Know your customer - It may sound obvious but taking a genuine interest in your viewer and asking straight forward questions towards the end of the tour of your home can make a real difference.

Let your buyer tell you why they want to move to the area, why your home is of interest to them and most importantly invite them to take a further look if they have time - as there is always a lot to take in on a first visit.

You never know, you may be suprised to find that you share common interests such as places to visit, gardening, work or even people / friends / neighbours that you both know or have a connection with.  Now you know you are well on your way ...!

9. Headstart - Making the most of your marketing will be one of the most important decisions you will make when you embark on the moving process.  Take a closer look at how you are reacting to finding a potential property or looking for inspiration.  Do you visit an estate agent's office, look in a newspaper or go on-line from the comfort of your armchair - so to speak?  Whilst looking for the perfect property - is it the brochure, photographs or the write-up that grabs your attention and creates that desire to view?

Take a closer look at how Estate Agent's portray a home that is of interest to you.  Factual write-up's with stimulating photography to a wide audience will certainly help you win those extra viewings that could make all the difference to you in time and price when moving on.

There are many good agents out there who will assist in the moving process ... but as a bench mark ... a good start would be to go to and take a closer look at the brochures, the photograpghs, the captions and write-up's and our stunning 'For Sale' and 'Sold' boards.  If you like what you see, take this opportunity to get a feel of how we could assist you.  Telephone or e-mail now to speak to a knowledgeable, friendly and approachable staff member.  We are open 7 days per week (9.00am to 9.00pm) on 0116 231 2121.

10. Up-selling - One of the most effective ways of marketing your home (tried and tested)!  Up-selling creates attention, interest, desire and action.  Gets potential viewers through your door which is more likely to lead to offers and potentially a successful sale.

If you would like to know more about up-selling, simply call Lifestyle Homes on 0116 231 2121.  

Lifestyle Homes ... at your service!


posted by Lyndon 29 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Lifestyle Homes wish to thake this opportunity to wish all our clients (past & present) a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

We also sincerely extend a warm welcome to our future prospective clients who may be contemplating a move during the year ahead.

In a more challenging market we feel it's essential for your property sale to stay ahead of the competition. Get noticed more with ... More Brochure, More high quality Photo's, More Internet Presence ... & More Passion!

Couple this with striking eye catching 'For Sale' & 'Sold' boards ... and the difference will become clear!

Lifestyle Homes

More attention to detail, more interest, more desire ... Action!

Call us Now on 0116 231 2121 / 01636 68 30 30 ... and get your property sale moving today!


posted by L Oldham 04 January 2009

Lifestyle Homes launches new website

The brief was simple. We asked our preferred IT specialist to come up with... a stunning, visually stimulating, contemporary and informative website delivering compelling content designed to enable lifestyle homes to reach out and effectively promote property sales and rentals.

The site would address the needs and aspirations of present and future clients with emphasis on a high level of service and customer care - putting our clients first. Delivering strong and subtle but effective compelling images to our customers demonstrating our USP's was paramount ... with the use of creative photography, striking property details and eye catching 'For Sale' and 'Sold' boards... not to mention long opening hours (9.00am - 9.00pm).

And now with the site in it's launch status... we would like to thank all the staff at Eazytiger of Syston, Leicestershire for all their hard work and patience through the developmental stage to date.


posted by Lyndon 08 August 2008

Show me a Sign!

 Lifestyle Homes are pleased to announce the arrival of our new design 'For Sale' and 'Sold Boards' are rolling off the press.   

Lifestyle For Sale BoardIt's so important to make the right impression in the property market with your property these days.

That's why Lifestyle Homes have invested time and energy into our board design to really make your property stand out from the crowd.

First impressions really do count and you don't usually get a second chance.

Characteristically, as with our original board design - we have kept our blue sky, green grass theme - reflecting on aspirational living and lifestyle.Lifestyle Sold Board

What's more, with a buyer in sight and a sale agreed, as the day draws to a close your board will display an orange sunset, what better place to be!

To find out more about Lifestyle Homes sales and marketing, creating opportunity and making a difference to your sale... contact us now!

Our thanks, once again go out to Eazytiger of Syston for a job well done!


posted by Lyndon 08 June 2008

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